Connections without compromise

Wire a room in minutes

Methods evolves – Apex revolutionised electrical installation and supply with its modular wiring systems, now it introduces the next great leap forward.
The Apex Evo IDC – makes time for your business.

Introducing Evo IDC

Industries change and so does the need to adopt new innovation. Evo IDC delivers this, with flexibility for connection of client-specified devices.

With all the advantages of “plug and play”, but a fraction of the measurement and modular design, the Evo IDC is a different way to wire a room.

With just a handful of components – made to measure and delivered in days – Evo IDC tech is the ultimate in time, cost, energy and waste savings.

Make the most of your manpower

As the country’s economic recovery begins, the IDC offers the opportunity, make more of your manpower. Working practices must change as a result of Covid-19 – Evo IDC solves on-site social distancing, with a single tradesman wiring a room in minutes.

Wire the new way

Save time

Reduce labour

Boost social distancing

Improve Safety

EVO IDC Delivers

  • Pre-wired consumer units
  • Pre-wired second fix accessories
  • Pre-wired lighting and switching

A new way
to wire

We challenged industry experts to wire an apartment using
traditional twin and earth and then using the Apex Evo IDC… the results were remarkable.


10 hours


Create time for more contracts with our leading edge wiring solution

Make more of
your manhours

First fixing

Traditional – 13 hours
Apex IDC – 6 hours

Second Fix Wiring Accessories and Lighting

Traditional – 3 hours
Apex IDC – 2 hours

Consumer Until Installation

Traditional – 2 hours 15 mins
Apex IDC – 30 minutes

Second Fix Grid

Traditional – 1 hour 30 mins
Apex IDC – 25 minutes


Install a home with a handful of components.


  • No more Twin & Earth
  • Clean interface
  • Factory tested
  • Apply connectors at any point
  • No pre-engineering cable lengths
  • De-skilled fixing methods
  • No miss-mating
  • Reduced costs
  • Increased speed
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved health and safety
  • Circuit cables easily extended using splice

IDC Cable

1.5mm up to 10A / 2.5mm up to 20A. Both variants 3-core only.

Mechanically coded to prevent mis-mating, colour-coded to aid selection.

Panel mount/starter connectors

Part of the consumer unit or interface point.

Branch tee

Tap off at any point in any circuit. Terminate safely.

Plug-in for socket drops or light fittings.

Splice Connector

Extends any circuit of IDC cable or interface with service cupboard and apartments.

Connections without Compromise